Breed Information

At H.W. McElroy Ranch, we are proud to raise fullblood Maine-Anjou cattle. The Maine-Anjou breed originated in France, and was imported to Canada in 1969. Shortly after, these cattle were introduced to the United States. To qualify as fullblood Maine-Anjou’s in North America, we must be able to track the pedigrees of the sire and dam back to France. All of our calves are registered with the American Maine-Anjou Association.

Fullblood vs. Purebred

Fullblood – refers to animals that have proven 100% Maine-Anjou lineage on both sire and dam side. Anything else is a percentage animal.

Purebred – refers to animals that are less than 100% Maine-Anjou, they contain other breeds in their pedigrees. No matter how far back, this animal will always be considered a percentage animal.

H.W. McElroy Ranch specializes in only Fullblood Maine-Anjou’s.

In the Show Ring

You may have seen Maine-Anjou, and Maine-influenced cattle in the show ring, but the difference at H.W. McElroy Ranch is that our cattle are fullblood Maine-Anjou’s. We have been very fortunate to be named as winners at many different shows throughout the years. With our program being based exclusively on fullblood Maine-Anjou’s, the predictability of our calves is very strong. This is due to their lineage and the breeding of two fullblood Maine’s, and not being crossbred.

Breed Temperament & Traits

Fullblood Maine-Anjou’s are recognized for their docility, extremely efficient growth rates, and performance. They are also ranked at the top for feed conversion and average daily gain. Many cattle owners enjoy this breed because they are on the quieter side. Another appealing trait is that Maine-Anjou cows give birth easily; this is because the calves are long and lean, making it an easy trip through the birth canal resulting in very few calving problems, unlike most other breeds. Fullblood Maine-Anjou’s have a red and white coat, and possess a recessive color gene. When fullblood Maine-Anjou are bred with non–fullBlood Maine-Anjou cattle, the offspring tend to display the traits of the latter parent. This is a benefit when crossbreeding, as it is easy to achieve solid color calves, if desired.

While many associate Maine-Anjou’s with crossbreeding programs, when breeding a true fullblood Maine-Anjou, their authentic genetic qualities come out. Fullblood Maine-Anjou’s have longevity of life, excellent feet, a good red hair coat, and a thick hide. These cattle have been known to adapt to a variety of climates as well. Overall, fullblood Maine-Anjou’s are a healthy and hardy breed that is sure to improve any herd.

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